Treatment of Bulk Materials

Treatment of Bulk Materials

Use of bulk materials are common in various industries. In this case, the proper technology of their treatment should be applied in dependence on feedstock properties and requirements to final product.

Bulk material. General View

The common methods of bulk materials treatment are in fixed / moving / fluidized bed or suspended state, the technologies with different approaches.

Due to extended surface, the heat and mass transfer between solid phase and gas flow are featured by high intensity.  The smaller particle the more intensive the processes are. However, there is a significant difference in efficiency for the mentioned technologies.

TMEC engineers has expertise in work with all of them. In the TMEC Lab we have developing and testing relevant innovative equipment.

The relevant publication record by the TMEC Team is represented by:

  • Shaft kilns for limestone calcining (patent U60723),
  • Innovative regenerative heat exchangers (patent U11851),
  • Industrial boilers (patent U11349);
  • Calcining of bulk materials (patent U62391)
  • Cyclone kiln for highly active lime powder (Fig. Project 203-23)
  • Multistage fluidized bed heat exchangers (patent U100018).

Cyclone kiln to obtain highly active lime

Processing of limestone powder in a cyclone furnace

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