Materials Treatment in Fixed and Fluidized Bed

Fixed and Fluidized Bed

Fixed and Fluidized Bed

Materials treatment in fixed and fluidized bed is the one of the most effective and common methods of raw materials treatment.



Layered treatment main advantage is a big contact surface between the solid phase and the gas flow. The result is the intensification of heat and mass transfer processes, high rates of material heat treatment and deep exhaust gases heat utilization.


Cyclone kiln to obtain highly active lime

Fig. 1



Тhe main areas of TMEC work are:

  • Shaft kilns for limestone roasting (patent U60723),
  • Development of highly efficient regenerative heat exchangers with a fixed and fluidized bed for heating furnaces and kilns (patent U11851), power boilers (patent U 11349);
  • Roasting materials rotary kilns (patent (U62391)
  • Cyclone kiln to obtain highly active lime (Fig. 1)
  • Multistage fluidized bed heat exchangers (patent U100018)

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