EFB Purification of Graphite

EFB Technology for Graphite Purification

Graphite, a vital material for many industries, is deemed a strategic mineral in EU, US and Chine. Therefore, development of technologies relevant to enhancing its properties is of great interest.

For many years, the TMEC’s engineers have been successfully working on the development of the thermal treatment process applied for the wide variety of carbon materials (such as natural and synthetic graphite, carbon black and biomass derived carbon) with the view to commercializing the state-of-the-art Chlorine-free and Acid-free clean technology.

T&MEC Technology

Graphite thermal purification. Process flowsheet

TMEC purified carbon materials can be applied in variety of industries such as:

  • Electrodes for Aluminum industry
  • Carburizers for steelmaking industry
  • Diamonds
  • Crucibles for pure metals
  • Additives to protective paints and coating 
  • Fire retardant insulation, gaskets and sealing
  • Electric batteries
  • Nuclear Energy.

To meet the demands of the global market, industries and environment regulations, our cutting edge solutions based on the electro-thermal fluidized bed concept allow materials treatment in continuous modes under inert atmosphere at temperatures up to 3000°C, improving  the product purity, crystallinity and conductivity: 

Graphite Purification

Concept of electro-thermal fluidized bed

With carbon content of 99.0% to 99.995%, the final product of the TMEC technology has a set of unique properties and competitive market price. It is applicable on industrial scale in different technologies related to energy, space and military programs as well as for medical and environmental purposes.

The major advantages of EFB purification of are:

  • High purity level (99.95-99.995%)
  • Uniform quality (Intensive mixing)
  • Customized kind of material (graphite, coke, carbon black)
  • Continuous mode
  • High productivity
  • Cl- and HF / H2SO4-free process
  • Enhanced crystallinity and conductivity
  • Low energy consumption rate
  • Applicability of Renewables
  • Fesiability on an industrial scale.

TMEC is the only world company which offers such a technology with customized productivity of 50…1000 kg/h at affordable low price.

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