Batch Thermal Reactors

Batch Thermal Reactors for Carbon Materials Purification

The unique TMEC’s heating process allows our customers to treat carbon materials in small quantities (~200 grams) in a Periodic Reactor at temperatures 2000-3000°C under customized atmosphere (Ar, He, N2).

Due to the reactor’s special design, we offer the heating stage featuring an extremely low thermal inertia of the inner space which provides an opportunity to reach a set temperature level in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, the full treatment cycle (loading, heating, treatment, cooling and discharge) can be shorten to 30 minutes. This concept reduces energy losses and makes the technology invaluable for research laboratories.

High-Temperature Reactor

Front view of the operating reactor

The Laboratory Purification Reactor is applicable for wide variety of carbon materials with the initial ash content up to 30%.The TMEC’s processes allow to achieve extremely low impurity levels, even below 5 ppm of ash.

System Capability

  • Load size - 0.035 ft3 (0.5L)
  • Configuration - Vertical Loading
  • Material - Graphite, Calcined Petroleum, Coke, Carbon Black, Biochar
  • Purity Level - C = 99-99,99995%
  • Temperatures2000-3000°C
  • Pressure - 105 Pa
  • Power - 15 kW. 

Typical Components Set

  • Gas Storage and Supply System
  • Power Supply System
  • Cooling System
  • Control Panel.

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