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National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMAU), a leading Ukraine's research and educational institution, is one of the oldest technological universities with metallurgical profile. It was established in October, 1899 as a department of Katerinoslavsky Higher Mining School. In 1999, the university was granted the status of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

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National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

The establishment and development of NMetAU, with its scientific and teaching schools, is directly connected with the development of industry, science, and education in Ukraine. The world famous Academicians and Corresponding Members of National Academy of Science are associated with NMetAU, they are: L.V. Pisarzhevsky, M.A. Pavlov, A.V. Kirsanov, O.P. Chekmar'ov, U.M. Taran-Zhovnir, M.I. Gasik, K.F. Starodubov, P.T. Yemelyanenko, K.P. Bunin, S.N. Kozhevnikov, V.I. Bol'shakov, V.I. Babtizansky and others. The institution is engaged in the development of the applied sciences of Ukraine, such as: metals and alloys manufacturing, casting practice, metal forming, materials science, heating engineering, mechanics, chemistry, etc.

From 1995 the NMAU has been developing pyrolysis technologies with focus on their application in industrial furnaces and energy purposes for agriculture. The distinctive features of them are continuous mode which ensures high productivity rate.


Materials Research Centre LLC

Materials Research Centre is a company founded in 1995 by researchers from several institutes of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences with the purpose to staunch the flow of young talented people from research to jobs that have nothing to do with science. MRC carries out research in the fields of chemistry, physics and technology of materials.

Material Research Centre

MRC has been specializing in the research and development of porous carbonaceous nanomaterials. Additionally, the company has been engaged in the research into the properties and applications of nano powders of transition metal oxides for solar panels and self-cleaning surfaces. At present the company manufactures electrolytic solar cells from its own materials on the laboratory scale, their voltage and current characteristics being continuously improved. Most of the equipment, employed in the production, namely the furnaces for high temperature treatment of non-organic materials, was designed and manufactured by the company specialists. MRC team comprises highly-qualified experts in different fields of science (chemistry, physics, and material study) and competent designers which allows to achieve significant results both in research and development of alternative energy resources at the world level.

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