Advanced Modes of Industrial Furnaces

Development of Advanced Operatign Modes for Industrial Furnaces

Reheating and thermal treatment of steel products in industrial furnaces is an important part of rolling. Precision and reliability of these processes influence quality of material. Even fully automated units require periodic check and validation due to complexity of monitoring steel temperature.

TMEC Engineering

Data acquisition by TMEC Team

With focus on industry needs TMEC has developed downstream methodology of enhancing furnace operating modes with specific focus on product quality and energy efficiency. It includes:

  • Technical and energy audit
  • Data logger-based analysis of heating process
  • Simulation of inner temperature fields
  • Development of advanced operating modes.

Comprehensive analysis of furnace performance

The cases study of multiple gas-fired units performed by TMEC engineers for industrial Partners shows that quality of material could be enhanced by 2-4% with simultaneous reduction of fuel consumption by 3-5%. A typical payoff period of a such service is up to 2-3 months.

Along with rolling industry, TMEC engineers has experience in development of advanced operating modes, commissioning and technical support for gas-fuel and electric consuming units in metallurgical, chemical, cement industries, such as:

  • Rotary kilns
  • Shaft kilns
  • Electric calciners
  • Industrial boilers
  • Chemical reactors.

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