Energy Management & Audit

TMEC key activities are energy management, consulting and industrial energy audit. Our Team offers a full range of services: calculation of the enterprise energy balance, identification of losses in the energy supply system, outlining a plan for improving energy efficiency to achieve the goals set for energy conservation.

Energy Audit

Energy audit provides a complete picture of the areas to invest. Armed with this information, you will make smart decisions about planning your budget and investing in your organization. You can accurately spot the "weak" places in the production process, get technical solutions and implement them with TMEC.

Energy Efficiency Certificate, TMEC


TMEC specialists have a distinguished record of long-term experience in performing energy audits at enterprises of various industries (metallurgy, agro-industrial complex, food industry, retail), public and municipal facilities, including:

  • 4 power plants;
  • 2 metallurgical plants;
  • 26 facilities of communities infrastucture;
  • 1 heat supply network.

Gas Analysis, TMEC


For clients we offer customized solutions which secure the most efficient way energy generation and consumption.


Energy audits are always carried out in accordance with the requirements of a client. A production process, technical conditions and goals are taken into account at all times.

As energy audit bonuses, you will receive:

  • An independent report on how to obtain financial benefits from reduced operating costs and to increase your organization’s profits;
  • A list of measures that will help in managing an object and improve its performance or safety;
  • Identification of ways to reduce pollution;
  • Assistance in implementation of all the proposed technical solutions.

What We Do

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