Design Engineering

Design Engineering

TMEC offers design and manufacturing of industrial electric furnaces (calciners, rotary & shaft kilns, melting units) and their auxiliary equipment (hoppers, transfer cars, filters, roller tables, screw conveyers, etc.).

Scope of the service includes:

  • basic engineering of non-standard equipment and metal structures
  • development of a detailed design
  • selection of standard equipment 
  • process description – a complete set of technical documentation in compliance with requirements by clients and local authorities.

Simulation of an electric arc furnace

TMEC performs design and manufacturing of welded structures and lifting / shifting equipment.

Basic engineering and optimization of technological processes includes:

  • thermodynamic simulation
  • calculation of the material and heat balances
  • electric and thermal calculations, including strength analysis of designed structures
  • draft / sketch study of possible design solutions
  • risk management

Graphite Purification Unit

Detail design engineering includes:

  • 3D modelling of structural components
  • Details drawings
  • Comprehensive assessment of both design and technological solutions
  • Assessment of the economic efficiency of a project.
  • Risk management

Design documentation complies with ISO / DIN standards.

What We Do

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