Carbon from Biomass



For more than two decades the T&MEC’s engineers has been working on the improvement of conventional technologies utilizing biomass. Taking into account the variety of biomass applications and their costs, our team developed a multi-stage technology that converts biomass into two products:

1) combustible gas fuel for heating or power proposes;

2) conductive ultrapure biomass char applicable in special paints and coatings.


First stage


The initial stage involves oxidative pyrolysis conducted at temperatures 700-800°C without any external source of heat.  Operating modes that provide stable process were developed during testing. The pilot reactor of 100 kW capacity consists of a vertical shaft-type chamber, air supply system and control panel.

The process occurs in a thin layer moving through packed bed of material due to chemical reactions between air and biomass. The specific ratio between the gas agent and material results in incomplete burning with a semi product (coal residue) aftermaths. The pyrolysis gases contain CO, CO2, H2, CH4, N2 and a significant amount of tars which decompose due to direct contact with the hot product.


Secong stage

The second stage of the technology is based on the carbon material purification at temperatures up to 3000°C. For that we use Periodic or Continuous Thermal Reactors.

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